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FREE Webinar series - 2021-22

Details of the webinar series will be emailed to all our registered subscribers along with the internet link to be able to watch the presentation.  Details will also be posted here.
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The next FREE webinar is scheduled for Monday December 13th 2021 when we expect to have a presentation from Dr Mike Egnor. In January 2022 we will have a session with Oxford professor John Lennox.

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You can view the previous webinars in the 2021-222 series on YouTube:
Dr Steve Meyer
Return of the God Hypothesis

Stephen C Meyer
The first webinar of the series will be held on Monday November 15th at 7.30pm (London time) with philosopher of science Dr Stephen Meyer, Director of the Centre for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, Seattle, USA, and one of the key figures in the development of the modern Intelligent Design movement.  To his two best-selling and widely praised books, Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt, Dr Meyer has now added a third ground-breaking volume, Return of the God Hypothesis.  
In this webinar Dr Meyer will address the question of whether modern science has proved that God is a delusion, and if it is it still rational to believe in God in the 21st century.  He will discuss a series of revolutionary scientific discoveries that point to the reality of God.  Known for his innovative work on the evidence for intelligent design in biology, Meyer will demonstrate how discoveries in astronomy and physics, as well as in biology, help to establish the identity of the ‘intelligent designer’ responsible for life.    
Dr Meyer argues that a traditional theistic worldview, with its affirmation of a transcendent and personal God, best explains the evidence we have about the origin of life and the universe.  You will hear him explain why it is an exciting time to be a scientist and a person of faith.  Previously Meyer refrained from attempting to answer questions about ‘who’ might have designed life.  Now he provides an evidence-based answer to arguably the ultimate mystery of the universe.  In so doing, he draws a stunning conclusion: the data support not just the existence of an intelligent designer of some kind — but the existence of a personal God.